Thursday, July 12, 2012

Turn That Frown Upside Down Peach Cake

I am back, my lovelies. Cookifyin' has been progressing at a steady clip and I have been taking pictures/notes, but have not had a chance to update much due to other writing endeavors, working far too much, and yoga-fying.  I am now training to be a yoga teacher, where I shall pioneer a new form of asana=>bass-ana, because my love for bass is boundless :). No more, however--to prove my seriousness, I even shot a video to go along with this post. I promise to get more active on this blog as I think my outlier perspective needs to be represented. Anthropologist Toni [aka me] has divided cooking blogs into two categories: a. insufferable women who sing insufferable paeans to their lovely husbands/boyfriends ad noiseam/have turned their blogs into some sort of trumped-up, saccharine odes to domesticity and b. people who *think* they know about "ethnic" cuisine and instead post nonsense like make Thai curry using vegetables that do not even grow in Thailand.