Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kale--Not Just For Errant Children Or Dinosaurs Anymore...

"You are cooking kale tonight!? Kale is for errant children, not potential dating interests!"

Yeah, well. There is nothing that says "I would like to impress you" better than "I am serving you your daily allowance of greens and fiber." Let me clarify--I did not cook this for a date, but it's totally suitable for such. This verdant number [quite literally] appeals to my green sensibilities and my love of dinosaurs--I mean look at this and tell me T.Rex would not be all about this baby.

Let me clarify something here. Using a "softer" kale such as dino kale and other such more expensive varieties from Whole Bucks would be preferable to using the ol' gnarly sort I got from H Mart, but really...if I made it work with this kind, I am sure you can only improve upon things.

kale [a large bunch]
red pepper flakes
miso paste [optional]
walnuts/pumpkin seeds or both
fresh basil
olive oil
nutritional yeast

1. Roast about 1/2C of walnuts + 1/2 C pepitas/raw pumpkin seeds. You can also only use walnuts or only pepitas...or pine nuts. Get creative. Pan roast them on a burner till they are fragrant but not burned [obviously].
2. In another pan, heat up some olive oil. Put 3-4 large whole cloves of garlic. Do not chop the garlic. Trust me. Allow the garlic to get a delicious golden color on each side.
3. Chop the kale [including the ribs--yes, I like maximum fiber :)!] finely and start sauteeing it in with the garlic. Add a dash of nutmeg, a good bit of red pepper flakes, and salt.
4. Once the kale has softened significantly but not overcooked, pull it off the hot range and allow it to cool.
5. In a blender, combine the nuts, the kale mixture, 1 T of mild miso paste [white miso], some olive oil, a little bit of fresh basil, and about 1T of nutritional yeast flakes into a smoothish pesto, as you see in the pic above. The color should definitely be a nice, fresh green. If it really looks like basil pesto, I am afraid you have overcooked it and you will now never have a second date [just kidding on that second part].

There you have it--kale, not just for errant children or dinos anymore!


  1. Remind me to make this after DEMF as I am not allowed pasta or olive oil on my current diet. I want this in my belly.

  2. This looks awesome, Toni. Will definitely try this soon--