Tuesday, March 1, 2011

With A Broccoli Soupernova In The Sky...

So, looks like my ten-day-long bout with the Bubonic Plague [just kidding--only influenza] is nigh over. It gave me ample opportunity to work on some soupernova, souper-duper soups.

Asparagus Egg Drop Soup

1. Dice [large dice] half a white onion and saute in some olive oil.
2. Add 2 C of veggie broth + 1/2C water.
3. Cook for 10 mins. Add 3-4 stalks of diced asparagus.
4. Do not bloody overcook the asparagus! Max 1-2 minutes till it is a verdant green. This is what separates the girls from the women [j/k]--always when cooking soups think about cooking times. Do not put nicely green vegetables at the beginning causing them to turn into Cthulhu green ooze by the end of your little cooking endeavor. Do not be an amateur. Seriously.
5. Beat an egg. *Slowly* and in a circular motion swirl it into the soup, stirring it with a chopstick or fork--you get a beautiful "egg drop" effect.
6. Take off the stove immediately--i.e. do not overcook cook the soup with the egg already in there. Salt & pepper to taste.

Broccoli Soup

I invented this one because as you will read many a time on this blog, cream of any sort [even half-and-half] is my mortal enemy, ever since I was little. I am so hateful of it, I can even *smell* it in soups. Most restaurants will serve you over-salted, over-cremated [yes, literally] broccoli soup. Why subject yourself to this abomination!? Yes, you could also use soy milk, buttermilk, skim milk, unsweetened hemp/rice milk, regular milk, and a number of other permutations thereof, which I can address in the future, but why do that when I have discovered the perfect smoothing/thickening agent. *drumroll* The Baked Potato! Yes, it's that easy, friends.

1. In a pot, saute half a diced white onion and 2-3 cloves of garlic in some olive oil.
2. I experimented with a roasted jalapeno also added here. It really gives some amazing flavor, but you can omit this step altogether.
3. Throw in 2C veggie broth + 2C water.
4. Add in a chopped, baked potato.
5. Boil for maybe 10 minutes on medium heat.
6. Roughly chop a head of broccoli [I like to use even the tough parts] and throw the tough parts in first and the tops a little later.
7. Once the broccoli is in, only cook until a little green so maybe 3-4 minutes max. Do not let it get brown.
8. Take the entire soup off the stove, let it cool, and transfer to a blender to blend in batches.
9. Once fully blended, adjust salt and pepper and throw it back onto the stove to warm up/thicken for 1-2 minutes.
10. Serve with maybe a slice of Parmigiano Reggiano and flatbread.