Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kimchi/Good For Your Chi Pancakes

So, before we begin the food portion of this post, I want to take a moment to express my vitriol towards Oprah. I know I am pointing out the obvious here, but how megalomaniacal can one get--she is literally on the cover of her magazine every month. Literally. It just boggles the mind. And how apropos that her new network will be called OWN. Right, lest we forget, ME, ME, ME. My gripes with Oprah will be aired out many a time in future installments of this blog as I have some major bones to pick with her, including her incessant peddling of misogynistic pop-psychology drivel/nonsense like He Is Not That Into You.

Now, let's talk about kimchi. It is a heck of a polarizing food, no? Some people hear "fermented" and "cabbage" and run for the hills. Or they whine about having "kimchi breath." Listen, if your significant other cannot handle your quest for a healthy stomach [lactobacilli, anyone], I suggest immediate dumping [Toni tm].
I, for one, cannot get enough kimchi in my life. A lesser-known fact about it is that...really, *you* can pick the level of fermentation. I much prefer the fresher tasting kimchee--the one that has only recently started fermenting, when the red pepper paste is a vibrant, fiery red and the cabbage is still verdant green.

Kimchi Pancakes

4 oz. cabbage kimchi [squeeze out the juice and set aside and chop]
1 potato [baked and mashed]

1/4C milk

1/4C flour
1 egg, beaten

1t garlic, finely chopped
Sriracha Sauce [if desired]
Dipping Sauce
2T soy sauce 1/2t sesame oil 1t lemon/lime juice [optional]

The recipe I used advised that you squeeze out the kimchi completely and set the juice aside--well, I ended up using a good half of the juice so do not shy from that. Essentially, you are mixing all of the above and forming a pancake. Use your discretion with adding more flour/more liquid/less liquid, etc. because well...I am sure all y'all have made pancakes before and know the consistency of pancake batter.

And you know that saying "A hungry child is an angry child?" Well, this picture is the very antithesis of that--"A fed Toni is a happy Toni."

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