Wednesday, December 22, 2010


On Tuesday, I saw Black Swan and I immediately wondered if Clint Mansell had also done the soundtrack for this movie--as he had for Pi and Requiem For A Dream, the other Darren Aronofsky flicks. Surely enough, he had, and this immediately made me think of his phenomenal work on the Moon soundtrack. The soundtrack and the movie really touched me profoundly, and not the least because of my childhood fascination with all things cosmonautical and Laika-related :) Add to that the very rare lunar eclipse that happened on Tuesday night, and I found myself ruminating on all things lunar and luminous.
Yes, thematically, Moon and Black Swan have nothing in common, but there is this underlying thread about the longing for human contact, an impossibly hopeful/inevitably humbling yen for someone to share something with. Whether across the universe or across the stage, there is this eternal spark in all of us that glows and flashes glimpses of its various parts much like an orbiting planet. I also think it's really interesting that the Moon card in the Tarot signifies "great creativity, powerful magic, primal feelings, and intuition." It's the madness/magic dichotomy.
As a food add-on, let's talk moon cake. I had this during the Festival of the Moon, in the fall. I am posting this picture here because it is so bloody beautiful and even the peaches look like little moons. I had never had a cactus pear prior to this and it is absolutely delicious, replete with little seeds ala pomegranates. It's all the more special because you can only get the moon cake around the time of the festival at Asian stores, so the rest of the time, you get to look at this picture and daydream about it, as I am wont to do.
"I hope life on Earth is everything you remember it to be..."

Memories (Someone We'll Never Know) by Clint Mansell

Welcome to Lunar Industries by Clint Mansell


  1. I'd never heard of a cactus pear until reading your post. How does it taste?

  2. It tastes a bit tart and a bit sweet--sort of like a really smooth pomegranate, if this makes any sense :-)

  3. The design on the moon cake is just amazing!!!

  4. Yes, the stamps they use are so exquisite. They also have different fillings--red bean, lotus, etc. Truly phenomenal--well worth if you can find them in the Asian markets around Moon festival time.